About New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa:

  • This is for experienced business professionals who want to be self-employed in NZ
  • With Entrepreneur Work Visa, you can start your own business or buy an existing business in NZ
  • You’ll have to get your application approved, and then you’ll get one year time to buy or establish your NZ business
  • After one year, you’ll have to prove that you took adequate steps to establish your business and can then apply for PR as Entrepreneur Residence

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa:

  • You should have no serious crime on record
  • You should have decent English skills, good health and certificate of character
  • You should not have done any fraud or filed for bankruptcy in last 5 years
  • You should have good professional qualifications and educational background
  • Minimum capital investment of NZ $100,000 plus working capital
  • Your Business Plan should have adequate proof for growth, or you should have a business with solid financials that will in turn create several jobs local

Life in New Zealand:

  • You have knowledge of language required (English, French)
  • Your skills and experience falls in line with the province’s requirements
  • You can live in that region and its weather conditions

Why Ammwaiy Careers

  • We have extensive experience helping interested candidates get New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa
  • Our team of experts have good domain knowledge due to filing many New Zealand New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa
  • We’ll prepare a complete file by reviewing all your documents, send the application to government, communicate on your behalf if the need be and ensure that you attain a fulfilling life in New Zealand