About Canada Investor Visa:

  • Allows you to become a Canadian resident by investing in their economy
  • This visa is not for job seekers – this visa is for job creators

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Investor Class visa:

  • You must have business experience
  • You must have a legal net worth of Canadian $ 1,600,000
  • Be willing to invest Canadian $ 800,000

You are better ranked than your peers if:

  • You have working proficiency in English language
  • Yours is a profitable venture, backed by VC’s
  • There is demand for skilled employment in your venture

Why Ammwaiy Careers

  • We have extensive experience helping interested candidates file Investor Visa for Canada
  • Tie-ups with agencies in Canada, that enables us to make you follow the right set of required processes
  • We’ll prepare a complete file by reviewing all your documents, send the application to government, communicate on your behalf if the need be and ensure that you attain a fulfilling life in Canada