About New Zealand Long Term Business Visa (LTBV):

  • You can contribute to New Zealand’s economy and live there
  • English is official language, and the city is highly disciplined
  • New Zealand is looking for investors to grow their economy
  • A NZ citizen can easily migrate to other parts of the world

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand LTBV:

  • You should have no serious crime on record
  • You should have decent English skills, good health and certificate of character
  • You should not have done any fraud or filed for bankruptcy in last 5 years
  • You should have good professional qualifications and educational background
  • Your Business Plan should have adequate proof for growth, or you should have a business with solid financials that will in turn create several jobs locally

Life in New Zealand:

  • Clean and Beautiful country with lots of natural beauty
  • Peace, warmth and hospitality among people
  • No traffic, no pollution, you can drink the tap water as it is so clean
  • One of the best work life balance in the world

Why Ammwaiy Careers

  • We have extensive experience helping interested candidates get New Zealand LTBV
  • Our team of experts have good domain knowledge due to filing many New Zealand LTBV’s
  • We’ll prepare a complete file by reviewing all your documents, send the application to government, communicate on your behalf if the need be and ensure that you attain a fulfilling life in New Zealand