Reasons you should study Nursing abroad:

  • It is mandatory to do Nursing abroad so that you can work in those countries
  • Practical coursework with lots of practical experience
  • Indian work experience in Nursing is not enough to work overseas
  • A skilled occupation with opportunity to grow

Life as a Nurse outside India:

  • Very good salary packages
  • Respect for profession
  • Fixed working hours with overtime pay (if it happens)
  • You can study, do internships in hospitals and enjoy on weekends

Countries you can study Nursing in:

  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Portugal
  • … and more!

Eligibility Criteria for studying Nursing abroad, you need to provide:

  • Letter of acceptance from an educational institute in the target country
  • Proof of funds for your tuition and living expenses
  • Have not been implicated by Indian Police for crimes
  • Have a good health with medical certificate

Benefits for Punjabi Students:

  • Easy availability of Punjabi food in many countries
  • You can earn money during internships to cover your expenses
  • Good way of making a career in Nursing
  • Network with like-minded people, already settled from India

Why Ammwaiy Careers:

  • We have legacy of excellence to send people for Nursing
  • We have rich experience of overseas career counselling
  • We will counsel you for which college/course is good for you within budget