About Australia Skilled-Independent Visa (189):

  • This visa is designated for skilled workers without a job
  • It permits the applicant to directly live and work in Australia as a PR
  • The applicant need not be sponsored by a company or province or family

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Skilled-Independent Visa (189):

  • Have working proficiency in English language
  • Have decent education credentials
  • Have work experience in a field on list of skilled occupation list
  • Less than 50 years of age
  • Submit expression of interest
  • Be invited through SkillSelect to apply

You are better ranked then your peers if:

  • You are young yet with work experience
  • Your English skills are competent
  • You can afford living in Australia
  • Your skills are in demand

Why Ammwaiy Careers

  • We have extensive experience helping interested candidates file Skilled-Independent Visa for Australia
  • We’ll prepare a complete file by reviewing all your documents, send the application to government, communicate on your behalf if the need be and ensure that you attain a fulfilling life in Australia